The launching of a cosmetic or dermatological in the market requires a previous study and its profound investigation. The Clinical, Instrumental and Sensory evaluations are essential to pursue this aim.



In order to claim the attributes of your products, our company has developed new and innovative protocols, worldwide recognized , we work together with the client to meet their specific needs.





Clinical Test


The Clinical Tests refer to the characterization made by an specialist of the product's performance. This way, dermatologists, dentists,  gynecologists, pediatric doctors, among others, will contribute to claim the desired attributes.


Instrumental Efficacy Tests


The Instrumental Efficacy Tests require non-invasive bioengineering methods that can quantify the biophysic parameters of the skin's and its cutaneous attachments' quality.


Some of the measurable parameters are: trans-epidermic water lose, strength, elasticity, superficial and deep moistness.


The images of the skin's surface (stratus corneous) are obtained by video microscopy, they allow us to qualify and quantify parameters such as: volume, roughness, softness, tension, dryness, depth (wrinkles) and decamation.


CLAIM also works with a photographic camera, validated by the FDA, that takes on visible light, ultraviolet light, polarized light (crossed and parallel) that registers images a standardized distance.


In order to measure the characteristics of the dermis and hypodermics, we use an Ultrasonido de Alta Resolución (ecógrafo).


Sensorial Analysis




In the cosmetic field the word quality represents a guarantee of a good product, but both the producer and the consumer have different criteria in its evaluation. The first one understands the word quality as a result of scientific studies, based on instrumental measurements on cosmetic efficacy. On the other hand, the consumer relates this word to pleasure and it represents the result of the individual sensory evaluations, it is physiological and subjective.


The skin-care products are created from complex formulations, these display a variety of stimuli for the consumer.


The sensory evaluation is the registry of the complete sensation resulting from the interaction of all the senses involved in the application of the product. This evaluation is not easily predictable and detectable by measurement instruments. For this reason, the sensory analysis represents a new and important evaluation instrument in the quality of the product.


The cosmetic and dermocosmetic producer can correlate the results measured. This information, brought by a group of experts in this area, represent the appreciation and expectations of the consumers.









CLAIM takes part of the Sub Comitee of Sensory Analysis of the Argentinian Institute for Normalization (IRAM) that is the organization that represents the International Organization for Standarization (ISO) in Argentina



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